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Phobias, Smoking, Addictions, OCD

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Phobias and fears


The word "phobia" originates from a god of

ancient Greece - Phobos the god of Fear.

There are countless definitions of phobia,

but the most apt one defines a phobia as

"a fear of a fear". Perhaps, more accurately,

a phobia may be described as “an extreme reaction to fear triggered by a stimulus".Phobias are very common. One in nine people have a phobia of some sort - more than eleven per cent of the population. And one in twenty people have panic attacks at some stage in their lives, quite commonly triggered by a phobia.

There is little that conventional medical science can do for your phobia, other than prescribing an antidepressant drug. Hypnosis, on the other hand, can in most cases, eliminate or alleviate the phobia. I usually regress the client in hypnosis to the original event that caused the phobia, and then I "desensitize" the phobia by making them experience that event again, but in circumstances where they are dissociated from the actual trauma of the event. Then I change or re-frame that event so that the client no longer has that fear.





Through Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP

you can change your relationship with your

addictive habits by retraining your unconscious

mind - that part of the mind that holds all our

limiting beliefs, associations, cravings and

habitual patterns of behavior. By treating the underlying cause of your addiction and rebuilding your emotional strength, you can unchain yourself from the shackles of addiction.

It begins with learning how to genuinely feel worthy of breaking free of these unwanted habits and learning how to love yourself, respect yourself and start valuing yourself so that you can face the way you feel and not allow unwanted feelings to destabilise you; understanding that they pass through and that, by facing them, you will become so much stronger and feel so much more in control of your life.



I studied in depth during my training and now

practice with my clients a proven stop smoking

hypnotherapy programme, to ensure that no

matter how much you smoke, or how long you

have been smoking, you can quit smoking

easily with hypnosis. Your stop smoking hypnotherapy session starts with a confidential and free consultation, where I will find out more about your smoking habit and routines. I ensure that your individual smoking behaviours and associations are taken into account to enable you to become a healthy, contented non-smoker.

My  stop smoking treatment combines hypnosis - a very enjoyable, deep state of relaxation - and curative hypnotherapy - a method used for those who use smoking as a crutch, e.g., for confidence or weight loss - to enable you to stop smoking fully and permanently. This will ensure you do not replace or substitute smoking with anything else. My aim is that you simply quit smoking easily and effortlessly, free from cravings, irritability and withdrawal symptoms.






Hypnotherapy can be very effective for treating

OCD. I use it in conjunction with cognitive

behavioral therapy. CBT looks at how you think

and how this affects what you do. I encourage

you to explore alternative ways of responding to

the obsessional thoughts or doubts.

All your coping strategies such as arranging, washing, checking, writing lists, tapping, touching, repeating, or perhaps cleaning, have come about in the first place to make you feel safer and less anxious. In fact they do the exact opposite: they make you feel unsafe and scared. In the  treatment of OCD it is both intelligent and practical to focus on taking the fear out of not carrying out some compulsive behavior. I can use the hypnotic Rewind technique to decondition the anxiety around not carrying out OCD rituals. When we do this OCD can evaporate amazingly fast.


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