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Hypnobirthing, Stress, Public speaking, IBS




Hypnotherapy is now acknowledged

within the wider medical profession as

an evidenced-based therapy that can

help reduce the symptoms of IBS, and

sometimes alleviate those symptoms

entirely. The National Institute for

Clinical Excellence (NICE) also lists hypnotherapy as one of the treatments to help with IBS.

We know that IBS can be exacerbated by anxiety or stress, and that the subsequent worry about the IBS can perpetuate the effects. Hypnotherapy can get to the root of the problem, giving you the tools to manage any stress that may be making the IBS worse, and by using positive suggestion increase your confidence in your well-being to reduce sensitivity in your



Public speaking


Clinical Hypnotherapy is extremely successful

in seeking out the root cause of your anxiety and

fear of public speaking, through accessing the part

of your mind that is triggering your fear.

Once the root cause has been established,

I then use a number of proven techniques that will help you to re -programmer how you respond to your fear. This will empower you in your self-belief so that public speaking for you can be successfully approached with a new level of calmness, confidence, assurance and control.




HypnoBirthing is designed as a structured

but informal class format that teaches

about the physical, emotional and spiritual

aspects of birth. You'll learn why your

body does what it does, as well as how.


Plus, as well as the classes themselves, you'll receive a professionally produced 196-page text book "HypnoBirthing: A Celebration Of Life", an affirmations and relaxation tape or CD set, and numerous weekly handouts, all included in the price. I trained and qualified with the Marie Mongan hypnobirthing ™ school and this is an area of specialism.







In our lives stress can appear in many guises

and can affect people in a variety of ways

regardless of their age, sex or profession.

However, it has been show time and time

again that hypnotherapy can help to reduce

and eliminate the effects of stress on the body by deeply relaxing the client, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and relaxing muscle tension. When the stress is caused by suppressed emotion, hypnotherapy will reveal the cause of these ‘bottled-up’ emotions and, when these emotions are released, it will lower your stress levels and enable you to regain control of your life.


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